We have been working on voice of teen since 2012 and provide a platform for children from where they express their views independently and can give innovative ideas for prosperity and progress of our country, for this purpose we introduced Awakener Magazine. It Combines information with entertainment, making it the only informative magazine of our society because writers are children.

We would like to express our considerable appreciation for all writers of the articles of the Awakener Magazine. It is their generous contributions of time and effort that make this magazine successful. At the same time, we would like to encourage all our readers to consider sharing their suggestion for improving the image of the magazine.
We shall appreciate if you and your School could be part of our future ventures and we invite you and your school to participate in the AwakeneR magazine and submit materials (Urdu/English) for magazine.

We took interviews from following personalities for our magazine.

  • Mr. Carlos Morales, Ambassador of Spain Embassy in Islamabad
  • Mrs. Jeannette Seppen, Ambassador of the Netherlands Embassy in Islamabad
  • Mr. Daniel Ramos Espiritu, Ambassador of Philippines Embassy in Islamabad.
  • Mr. Sarim Burney, Chairman, Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International, Karachi.
  • Bilal Saeed Singer, Sialkot,
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Hannan Vice Chancellor of Hamdard University, Karachi.
  • Uzair Khan Chughtai Singer
  • Fahad Sheikh VJ, Fashion designer, Host, Model and Singer.

All Schools are invited for Registration